JuST Cheer Inc. is the home of the national champion JuST Cheer Jaguars!

 We are proud to say that our gym is the largest and most equipped cheerleading gym in Northern New Jersey! Our 10,000 sq ft. facility is located in Fairfield, NJ and accommodates the Tri-State area’s best athletes and hardest workers. The gym is complete with all of the equipment necessary to train the cheerleader in you!

Our all-star program truly is home to the most dedicated athletes in our area. This past year, the JuST Cheer All-star program has been more successful than ever before. Each one of our teams was recognized in both the state and the country as a top contending team.   

Our All-star program is currently in its 20th year. Throughout our time, we have competed locally in New Jersey, as well as all over the country (Orlando, Dallas, Anaheim, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Boston, Washington D.C., Myrtle Beach, Providence, etc.) We are proud of all of our accomplishments over this span as we have brought home over 60 National Championships, and 8 of our teams have had the honor of receiving a bid to compete at the Cheerleading World Championships! We feel that our longevity in this sport is due to the fact we consistently produce quality teams while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for ALL of our children and families.  JuST Cheer also offers our graduating seniors a chance to excel in higher education as we have a scholarship program that offers thousands of dollars to our talented athletes.  Our cheerleaders also go onto cheer at respected colleges and universities around the country such as the University of Maryland, Louisville, Hofstra University, Ithaca, Rutgers University, Elon, Slippery Rock, etc.

The JuST Cheer All Star family accepts athletes of all ages from as young as four years old to high school seniors! Our all-star program is proud to provide teams at many levels and in all age groups. Our classes are structured to fit your needs with differentiated skill level lessons. Private instruction is always available as well. Your cheerleading needs will most certainly always be met at JuST Cheer!

Fun Facts about the Gym:

Year Opened:  1996

Owners: Amanda Romero & Alyssa Lopez

Size: 10,000 sq. ft. facility (Largest in Northern NJ!)
Colors: Blue, Black, and Silver
Mascot: Jaguar
Cheer: Blue, Black, and Silver
    The message is clear
      Why can’t we all…
      JuST Cheer?!
Did you know…
·     At the gym, we teach our children to Jump, Stunt, and Tumble. Consequently, we capitalize the J, S, and the T in “JuST Cheer.”
·     Our JuST Cheer symbol is a “toe-touch.”
·     Each cheerleader can progress on our wide range of equipment. The gym houses 3 cheerleading mats. (42 x 54′ competition sized spring floor, 42′ x 42′ spring floor, 42′ x 42′ Non- spring floor) We also train our athletes on a tumble track, a rod-floor, and a variety of other mats.
·     Our coaches are USASF certified levels 1-5 and our tumbling coaches are USA Gymnastics certified. Our staff is highly experienced and        qualified to train athletes!

     JuST Cheer is now home to over 100 National Championships!